Our Vehicles

We have a selection of vehicles and equipment to ensure we can provide a efficient cost effective solution to your task at hand. Make the bigger tasks look easy, make small ones look fantastic.
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Our Vehicles


We can make a problem disappear and transform


Save time

Save time with our quick collection form. This frees you to do other things, like finding your next project.

Fair pricing

Professional licensed collection at a competitive cost. We can be more effective than other methods.

Friendly & professional

Our team is here to ensure that things run smoothly. With customer satisfaction and service in mind we can cover your needs.

Licensed & insured

Ensure your waste is recycled in a responsible manner. Transfer notes available. It’s easier than you think.

Our Clients

“Happy with work. Very polite, confident in work carried out! Made sure every treatment used was dog safe. Will use PureTidy again and again.”

We have a range of services available to ensure you are problem free.

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